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F R E Q U E N T L Y  A S K E D



Q : What is House Sandra?
A : House Sandra is a cheap private accommodation in the centre of Split. It consists of 3 rooms and 4 apartments.
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Q : What is the difference between a Double room and a Twin room?
A : A double room has one double bed. A twin room has two single beds.

Q : Can I request an extra bed for a third person in a double room and at what costs?
A : Please contact us with your needs and we will try to arrange you a third bed. It is not charged.

Q : What does 'en-suite' mean?
A : En-suite facilities always include a shower or a bath, or both. Should you have a specific requirement, please contact our Reservations Department who can request this for you.
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Q : Are the rates on your website per person or per room?
A : All rates on the website are per room/apartment per night.

Q : Do I pay a reservation fee?
A : No, we will not charge you a reservation fee.

Q : What is included in the price of room/apartment?
A : Taxes, hot water, electricity, bed linen, towels, cleaning of the accommodation on departure day, using of air-conditioner, cooking utensils and cutlery (in all apartments).

Q : What is not included in the price?
A : Laundry service.

Q : Do you offer special discounts?
A : House Sandra provides the best available rates for the dates of your stay. However, if you find the prices too high, please feel free to contact us and we will see what can we do.
We do offer all kinds of discounts both in high (June to September) and low season (October to May). Please contact our
Reservations Department for more information on the discounts.
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Q : What about paying in advance?
A : Most renters require paying a deposit. We are trying to make it simpler to our guests. So in most cases we don't require paying in advance. It is necessary only for longer stayings.
If we don't ask you to pay in advance, then you will pay on arrival or during your staying.

Q : What kind of payment do you accept?
A : We accept only cash (euro, kuna, dollars, pounds).

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Q : How can I check availability and book?
A : There is an availability calendar for every room and apartment. Calendars are updated every day.  Booking can be made by filling in the reservation form or by sending us an e-mail.
Online booking is also possible from the beginning of 2012. If you haven't, please read this:
Reservations 2012.

Q : What is your minimum length of stay?
A : Our minimum stay is for one night. Rarely we require staying for 2 nights.

Q : How long will it take for my reservation request to be answered to?
A : We give our best to reply in 8 hours from sending us an e-mail. But we will most certainly reply to you within 24 hours.

Q : How do I know the room is booked for me?
A : You will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Q : Do I have to re-confirm my booking?
A : It would be nice if you could send us an e-mail several days before your arrival just to make sure that everything is OK.
---For those coming with car
please don't forget that if you are arriving after 16:00 o'clock you MUST re-confirm your reservation. You can do that on your arrival day till 12:00 (noon) or several days before your arrival by sending a mail or by calling us---

Q : Can I book last minute?
A : Yes - we can even book you in over the phone as you board the plane.

Q : If I give you my e-mail address will I receive junk mail?
A : No! Your personal data is only needed for the communication between the reservation office and the house. Your personal data is never given out to third party.

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Q : I am coming with a car. Where can I park?
A : House Sandra doesn't have parking places, but there are (free of charge) parking places around the house.
***There is also a secured parking by the Police (100 metres from the house), with a guard and a possibility of parking in a garage. But it is payed daily (not expensive).***   

Q : What are the check-in and check-out times?
A : Usually you can check in after 11 o'clock. Our staff needs some time to clean room/apartment.
Check-out is till 10 o'clock.

Q : It is written (on website) that one of your free of charge services is picking up guests at the bus/train station and harbour. Is that true?
A : Yes, it is. We will come for you no matter how early or late it is. Although the house is within (5 minutes) easy  walking distance of the station and that there is a map on website, we don't want our guests to bother with finding the house.

Q : I am coming with plane. Do you do pick up at the airport?
A : No, we don't. But we suggest taking a bus (4 euros per person) or taxi  (40 euros) which drive directly to the centre of Split. There is a bus waiting after every flight. It takes about 30 minutes to reach the town. If you decide to take a bus we will wait you in the centre of Split (at the place where bus stays) and will lead you to the house. But we ask for a favour. As flights know to be late, we kindly ask you to send us SMS or call us when you are in the bus, on your way to Split. Number of phone to call is +385 (0)99 685 21 99.

Q : What if I am coming with car?
A : Then please drive directly to the centre – to the bus station and harbour; call us (on +385 (0)99 685 21 99) and we will give you directions to the house.

Q : What if I will be arriving early in the morning?
A : It is not a problem at all. You can leave your luggage at the reception. We will also make you a coffee and you can walk the town.

Q : What if I will be ariving late?
A : It is not a problem
. We will give you the key and you can enter the room/apartment. We will not charge you for that.

Q : After I rent apartment, how do I get the keys?
A : Someone is always at the house.

Q : I plan to arrive with my car and I want to learn more about the Croatian highways.
A : You can check all relevant information about the Croatian highways on the following link - HAC. Here you can check the routes, the prices and many other information.

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Q : Do you allow pets?
A : Usually not. But contact us and tell us the kind of pet you would like to come with.

Q : Do you provide breakfast?
A : No, we don't.

Q : What does it mean:  "The house is situated in the centre of Split"?
A : It means that the house is within 5 minutes walking distance of the core of the Diocletian's Palace, supermarkets, post, bank, sandy beach, station, harbour, discos...

Q : Do I have an air-conditioner in the room?
A : All apartments and rooms are provided with air-conditioning.
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Q : How can I cancel or change my booking?
A :  If you are not able to arrive as arranged, please notify us as soon as you know that. We will never charge you a cancellation fee.
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Vjekoslav Cvitković
mobile: +385 (0)99 685 21 99

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